Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekly Art Themes

Beginning tomorrow morning (Monday, February 11, 2007), I will begin posting the weekly art themes to the Art Inspiration Every Day blog.

Some weeks will feature themes that are art concepts (like value or composition), and other weeks will involve a project to begin or complete, with daily steps as the posted daily challenges.

If you are too busy to check in every day, just participate whenever you can. If you subscribe to the blog as an RSS feed (Atom), you can read through the challenges at your leisure, and choose the ones that you would enjoy the most or can make the time to do.

The more you can participate in the art themes and challenges, the more creative you will become. The goal is to make art a part of your daily life, even if you only have fifteen minutes a day to work the challenges! Imagine how much more creative and confident you will be with your work if you devote a bit of time every day to being artistic.

I hope you'll enjoy the weekly art themes and associated challenges. Look for them starting tomorrow!

1 comment:

June Hollister said...

So well done....I will be looking forward to reading your blog everyday.....