Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Art and Letters

Here is a great example of the Art and Letters challenge, submitted by Sandy W. of Charleston, SC. Thank you, Sandy!

Today we will start actually working in our art journals together.

The mini-challenge for today is called Art and Letters, because you will be using both art and text together to create an interesting page.

Today, think about creating a page that features something that you use just about every day, and may take for granted a little. Sketch it or paint a little picture of it in your art journal and write a tribute to it that you incorporate into the page.

The object that you will draw can be any object at all, but let's use the example, "Ode to my Coffee Cup," since a lot of people might want to try this.

You can elaborate on why this lowly cup is rarely thought about, but has such an important job to do- bringing you the caffeine buzz that you need to start your day! Whether it is a coffee mug, a paper cup with the obligatory cardboard sleeve, an insulated carafe or something else, it is usually ignored most of the time, but takes on a new life as you warm your hands around it and sip its lovely contents.

Make a title that you write in larger text and maybe embellish a little with color (colored pencils, pens or paint) or keep it really simple if you like. Just think about incorporating your own handwriting with your little sketch in an interesting way.

If you really hate your handwriting, don't worry, you will have lots of practice if you keep working in this type of art journal. Slow your writing down a little and pay attention to keeping it neater than, say, you might when jotting a note down at work, You might even consider printing instead- just experiment a little, and don't get hung up on it.

You have nothing to lose! It is only a little book with paper pages, and a small time investment to make the sketch. Spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour on this- no more. It shouldn't feel like it takes a lot of time, or you might begin to make excuses why you don't have time today, and YOU DO HAVE THE TIME. Fifteen minutes! Just do it!! You'll be glad you did.

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