Thursday, February 15, 2007

Collage In Your Sketchbook

The mini-challenge for today is to think about incorporating collage elements into your sketchbook.

Collage can be an art form in and of itself, so you could include an entire page devoted to collage, but in the example above, you will see how I added a few collaged pieces of patterned tissue to a drawing I had done in one of my Moleskine sketchbooks. When I finished the original sketches (notice frames were used, like we talked about yesterday), the page looked really bland and uninviting, so a few days later, I went back to the page and used white glue and tissue to add the bits of color and design elements. In this case, the collage helped save a totally dull page and helped make it better.

Another idea for collage is to pick up a few "finds" as you go through your day- receipts, a coffee stirrer, a dime you find in a parking lot, a business card or tickets... and make a collage with these items. It might be fun to use text too, to talk about what you were doing when you found the items. Be imaginative! Collage can be a fun alternative technique to drawing and painting in your sketchbook.

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jafabrit said...

I like the idea of playing with collage in your sketchbook. I tried a different approach in that I put a collage in first and then drew or painted around it (tried to make it blend in so you almost can't tell there is a collage there).
It's on the right side top of the sketchbook entry :)