Friday, February 16, 2007

Sketch a Landscape

I know- most of you are freezing your tuckuses off right now, and my suggestion to "sketch a landscape" might sound daunting and unappealing this morning, depending on the type of weather you are experiencing in your part of the world, but- I promise- you can stay inside and sketch from a window or work from one of your photographs, either taken today or during a sunnier time and you will love adding a landscape to your sketchbook.

If you like, you can write in your sketch journal about your daydreams of being in a warmer climate today, or choose to revel in the cold and the snow, and sketch a winter day scene. Whatever your mood today, sketch a landscape that goes along with your mood

It is always a great idea to sketch from life if you can, because you can translate more that just what you see onto your journal page. Other senses become involved and become part of your impression of the scene when you are experiencing it in real life. The sketches and mini-paintings you see surrounding this post were all done at various places and times in different sketchbooks. Some are from life and some are from photographs. I tried to include a variety of approaches and media here- pen and watercolor, acrylics, and pastels. Also, some are more literal and others are more abstract. Try your hand at different approaches!

If you are working from a photograph, try to feel the mood you are getting from the scene first. Don't just try and replicate the scene- try and make it YOUR view, YOUR feeling of the landscape, and bring that out in how you make your strokes, how simple or complex you make your sketch and which colors you choose to work with.

So, sketch a landscape, and see how yours turns out today.

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jgodsey said...

terrific! very 'Turner'