Friday, February 23, 2007

Say it Again...and Again...and Again

Today, let's look at the power of repeating shapes or patterns in art. Some art can be *ALL* about the repeating shapes and take on a graphic quality (think of some of MC Escher's work
or Mondrian's color blocks). outside the world of fine art, think of the practical items that we use with repeating shapes to make our homes and lives more pleasing- symmetrical designs in rugs, patterns in quilts, and repetition of shapes in bolts of fabrics and even our clothing all come to mind.

Think back to earlier this week when we looked at one of Van Gogh's self portraits together. He didn't use an obvious pattern, but used the shape of the triangle many times in the same painting, to make his work more powerful.

Our mini-challenge today is to draw or paint something with repeating shapes that show up as a pattern. You can do something like Escher- with a flat interlocking shape, or simply find something in your world that has the same shape that repeats several times and utilize it in making an interesting composition on your page.

I think it would be great to work from life for this challenge, if you are able, but to illustrate repeating shapes, I am including a few of my photos and art for you to take a look at. Try this out! And let me know what you are working on or thinking about this week as you make art.

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