Monday, March 5, 2007

Weekly Theme- Learn from the Masters

Today starts the beginning of a new theme! I thought it would be fun to go back to our sketchbooks this week, and look at the work of a particular artist each day, trying out some of their techniques in our own work. What works in their art, and what doesn't? You are the master now, so take the things you like and leave the rest!

I just watched a documentary last night on Ovation- the arts cable station. It focused on the friendship that grew between Picasso and Matisse, and I was reminded of Matisse and the Fauve movement. Since we are just coming off of a week spent examining what contributes to "life" in art, I thought it wold be fun to look at a Fauve painter first. They were known as the "wild beasts" and definitely knew how to stir some vibrancy into their work! Perhaps we can follow in their footsteps today.

I found one painting by Maurice Vlaminck- the wildest beast of all-in the Wikipedia Commons, a public domain collection of 10,000 works of art. The painting above, titled The Circus, by Maurice Vlaminck, is a typical Fauve work- bright, crazy color, big daubs of paint, and an energistic delivery. Here is a link to another great painting of Vlaminck to illustrate his technique. It is even more colorful than The Circus, but since I am not sure of the copyright status, I will link you there to take a look.

I thought today, you might like to start off the week by painting or drawing in the Fauve style- go grazy with the color! Make big blobby strokes and broad areas of color! Add decorative flourishes! But don't lose sight of the strength of a good composition, and the ways the light and dark areas interact.

I sooooo wanted to participate in the WDE on Wetcanvas! yesterday, but got too involved with some art that I need to turn in for a show by Wednesday this week, and didn't get to it (boo hoo, sniff sniff). But I am devoting 30 minutes today to interpreting one of the WDE photos offered this week, and will pretend I am a Fauve while doing it- AND I will upload it to the post to share with you here and on the WDE forum as well. How about you? What will you work on today?

If you have some artwork that you'd like me to share here, just use the contact form on the right to let me know about it, and I will get back in touch and tell you how to get it to me. I set up the contact form to keep the automated spammers away, but I don't want to keep YOU away, and I'd love to see your work. If you agree, I'd also love to post it here in a related topic for others to see and be inspired by it.

I hope you have fun with this jaunt with the Fauves today. Just do something bold and quick. The idea is to do something every day if you can, to keep art an integral part of your life. Don't labor over it, just make it a fun and easy sketch or quick painting!

Now, I'm off to do MY Fauve painting......

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