Monday, March 19, 2007

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Good morning!
It's Monday, and normally I would be setting up the theme for the week ahead, so that I could write individual posts about that topic all week, but I need some help from you guys first.

I think my readership is still pretty low, because I don't have very many profile views, and few comments.

If you are reading this blog regularly, and could let me know (either by commenting or sending me an e-mail through the "Contact Me" feature on the right sidebar), I will know better how to continue. I would love to know if you just enjoy reading it, or if you are actually trying some of the ideas as well.

I really love writing on the topic of art, and trying to get others to bring it in to their lives on a regular basis, but unless I know that others are trying some of the exercises or gaining benefit from reading my blog regularly, it is hard to justify the time it takes to prepare daily for this blog, and I may cut down on my quantity of posts-or (dread)- let it go altogether.

Can you guys let me know what you think so far? I'd really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...


Your contact form is not getting through - the email address you have listed in your account is bouncing back. Please contact us.

Graham @

Co Ke No. said...

I just ran across this site, and it is amazing! Please do not stop. It's become a regular check up for me.

Anonymous said...

Just found your site today ... and I do hope that you continue. I would like to come back often.

Samantha said...

i just found your blog today and have found it very inspiring and it has helped me through my lack of artistic inspiration today. I think that if you try to do the blog again it may take off. Thanks anyways

Anonymous said...

I will try again, Please keep your blog going! don't get discouraged.