Thursday, March 1, 2007

Keep the Gesture Going

Yesterday, we took a quick look at gesture drawing, and how the process can create energy in your work by starting your drawings or paintings off with a lively kick!

I begin nearly every drawing or painting with gesture. Starting with a loose, quick gesture directly on the paper or canvas, I then spend time developing that gesture to completion as a finished work. This process of taking a drawing or painting to completion can take hours or days, but I try to work with the original gesture in mind always, as I continue to develop it. My goal is to keep vibrancy and immediacy in my work, and if I work in the way described, I am much more successful in reaching my goal than if I start out with a stiff, blocky, "perfect" under drawing.

If you look at the examples I am sharing today, you can see a little of the way I progress. I do not have my very first gesture drawing captured, but in the top example, you can see how parts of the bare-bones gesture looked, in the areas that are not yet developed.

Today, why don't you try beginning a small drawing that you might be able to bring to completion over the next few days? Using yesterday's post as a guideline, and perhaps reading a bit more about gesture in the two links here and here, start a drawing of your own, and begin with a gesture drawing.

Then go back into that gesture drawing, further refining it, as you progress. As you refine, try to work as much as possible on developing the entire drawing. Keep loose in some places, and try to keep the feeling of life throughout the work.

Let me know what you come up with!

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