Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's the Weekend!

I think I have decided to post once over each weekend for my blog, instead of trying to scramble to get both Saturday and Sunday posts done in the AM each day. The weekends are busy, and filled with family activities, so I have decided to give myself a little flexibility on the weekends.

Sooo, we were talking this week on ways to keep life in your art, and are settling in to the end of this week's theme. For my weekend post, I'd like you to consider how the energy of the brush strokes or marks made on the page can contribute to the spirit of your artwork.

Something fun that you can try this weekend, is to head on over to the Wetcanvas! site, a great website for artists that is comprised of many forums, an art reference library, projects and more.

Something that I have enjoyed participating in on Wetcanvas! are the Weekly Drawing Events (or WDE's) that take place in the All Media Art Events forum each and every weekend. This weekend's host, deepat, has uploaded 16 photos for you to work from.

The idea is that you will choose a picture and work from it, posting your results at the two hour mark. If you are not finished, post at two hours with a WIP (for work-in-progress) in your title, and then post again at the completion of the work.

I have decided to participate in the Weekly Drawing Event this weekend, so I will post one more time here this weekend with my results. I plan to focus on making exciting marks or bold brush strokes to help keep my work lively. Why don't you do the same?! If you decide to participate, leave a comment here with your Wetcanvas! screen name, and perhaps a link to your post there.

I will post again by the end of the day Sunday with something that relates to our challenge today, using the WDE reference pictures for my inspiration.

So why don't you get those lively brushes and pencils out and go to town on something too?! I know you'll come up with something great.

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