Friday, March 2, 2007

Artist "Field Trip"

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This week, we have had some lessons that might have felt like WORK to some of you, so I thought it would be great to schedule an artist's date or field trip for inspiration today, and take a little break from our "studies."

Ideally, it would be terrific if you could take some time on your lunch break and see some art nearby today, but if you simply can't work it in today, make an appointment with yourself to visit a gallery, museum or art show over the next few days. Try to make it something easy to do and achievable so that you actually do it.

While there, try and find work that has life and gesture, and notice the elements in the work that make it come alive. Is the artist working loosely? Did they use a dynamic placement for the pose or objects that created an interesting composition? Does it look like they began with a gesture drawing or painting and carried the gesture through to the completion of the piece? Are the colors used and the brushstrokes working in a way that gives the painting energy and movement?

If you have a small notebook, make some notes about what worked in the pieces that you liked. If the museum or show allows it, take a picture (no flash!), to keep and compare to your notes later.

Try to carry some of the things that you noticed into your own work in the weeks ahead.

I am constantly stimulated by the work of other artists. Being around the creativity of others makes me feel more creative myself. Often, after I visit an art show or museum exhibit, I am fired up to work on my own pieces.

Where do you plan to go, or what art have you seen lately that has inspired you? Leave a comment and let us know!

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